Reach's response the climate crisis

Our commitment

Reach Volunteering believes that the climate and nature crises are an existential threat to civil society. The scale of change needed to address this is huge but the solutions also include big opportunities to make society fairer, more connected and more co-operative. We need to harness the creative energy of as many people as possible in order to transition to a society that is equitable, fair and sustainable. 

In 2021, Reach’s board put climate justice at the heart of our strategic framework, in our vision and underpinning beliefs

Our CEO signed up to ACEVO’s environmental and leadership principles, committing us to acknowledge the scale of the crises, be ambitious for climate justice and act where we can for progress. 

Our progress

Since that time we have: 

Collaboration is essential because of the scale of the crises and because solutions are interconnected:

Next steps

We are living in a world of rapid and uncertain change. We have an adaptive strategy: we have set a clear strategic framework, and we review priorities regularly, on the basis of our changing insights. 

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