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How to recruit volunteers with skills

Whether you're new to recruiting volunteers with skills, or want to make sure you're making a good start with your latest role, here are some tips and steps to help.

The Trustee Recruitment Cycle

Guidance, tools and tips to help you recruit trustees and diversify your board. Don't feel like you've got to follow every step! Pick and choose what is most useful to your charity, for the stage you are at right now.

Become a trustee

What is a trustee? This guide is a useful introduction into the role of a trustee, trustees' role in a charity and what you might need to become one.

Skills-based volunteers making a difference

Every month we ask our charities what difference their volunteers are making.

The sleep charity logo
The Sleep Charity
E learning expert Henry was invaluable to us in achieving such a quick turnaround with confidence.
Hospice Hope logo
Hospice Hope
Elena suggested illustrations and we have worked together to create the storyboard for our site. We are delighted that she chose to offer her skills and time to us.
Imara logo
Imara Support After Trauma
Tiziana has been excellent support for the Board as she was a very clear, logical thinker, brought excellent business skills and helped negotiate a tricky phase in the development of the Board.
Money A+E
Money a + e
Anna's expertise has helped us to build a strong Advisory Board. As a small organisation it would have been extremely difficult to achieve key milestones without our volunteers' assistance.
Growing against violence logo
Growing Against Violence
Wesley was fantastic and has built our new website. Four out of nine GAV trustees (plus the charity secretary) have been recruited through Reach. I am firmly of the belief that GAV would not be a successful charity without your service.

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