When and what we charge

Most of Reach Volunteering’s services are free, in line with our mission to support organisations with a social purpose.

Self service

Self service is free for many organisations. Charges are determined by what type of organisation you are and therefore which band (below) you fit in, and, in some cases, your annual turnover. 

Self service plus (trustee roles only)

In addition to the self service, we will manage an external advertising campaign for you (worth over £1,000), promoting your trustee opportunity on a range of jobs boards and using our extensive network of relationships and social media channels.

What kind of organisation are you?

Band A

You are in Band A if you are a:

  • registered charity
  • small voluntary organisation (unincorporated)
  • credit union
  • community benefit society

Not you? Jump down to Band B.

  Annual turnover less than £1m Annual turnover more than £1m
Skills-based opportunities Free Free
Trustee opportunities Free £150 + VAT
Self service plus  £400 + VAT £400 + VAT


Band B

You are in Band B if you are a:

  • community interest company
  • social enterprise
  • co-operative society
  • registered society or industrial or provident society
  • public sector body such as: a government agency, government department, non-departmental public body/agency, school, college or university
  Annual turnover less than £1m Annual turnover more than £1m
Skills-based opportunities  £100 + VAT £100 + VAT
Trustee opportunities £150  + VAT £225 + VAT
Self service plus  £600 + VAT £600 + VAT


If you’re a small organisation with an annual turnover of less than £150,000 in Band B, providing a significant public benefit and you would find it difficult to afford our services, please contact us on 020 3943 9901 or info@reachvolunteering.org.uk.

Bespoke trustee recruitment

TrusteeWorks is a tailored paid for service to help you find the ideal trustee for your board. We deliver excellent results at an affordable price. To discuss your role and get a quote, contact the team on 020 3943 9902 or email trusteeworks@reachvolunteering.org.uk.