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Help with your account

Resetting your password
Updating your details
Changing your subscription preferences
Keeping your information private
Deleting your account
I didn't receive my validation email. What should I do?

Help for organisations

Managing your organisation

Adding colleagues to your organisation
What if my organisation doesn't have a public address?
Updating your organisation profile or logo
Setting up your account to stream roles to LinkedIn


Posting an opportunity
Volunteer project library - explore project templates to help you write your own role
Trustee Recruitment Cycle: Prepare
Secondary application forms
Picking the right skills
Listing a role or organisation without a postcode
Taking down your opportunity
Why has my opportunity been taken down?


How do I contact a volunteer?
How do applications work?
Generating applications for your opportunity
Updating an application with the outcome

Help for volunteers

How do I apply for a volunteer or trustee opportunity?
How do applications work?
Picking the right skills
Update your volunteer profile

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Updating your details

Details on how to change your basic account details

How do applications work?

Communication is a key to the success of the Reach community. Organisations and volunteers need to keep each other -- and Reach -- up-to-date as an application progresses.

Adding colleagues to your organisation

Some organisations find it useful to have more than one contact recruiting through the same organisation profile on Reach.

Keeping your information private

How to keep your personal information private.

Updating an application with the outcome

Use the placement buttons on an application to let the volunteer, and Reach, know the outcome of an application.

Secondary application forms

Can I use a secondary application form?