Our criteria

In line with our mission, our criteria help us make better matches and make sure we have success.

The focus of our charity's mission and objects is volunteering that requires specific professional skills – skills-based volunteering.


Criteria for volunteers

We ask that our volunteers:

  • live in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • have three years' professional experience in the public, private or voluntary sectors
  • want to use these skills and expertise to help a UK charity.

We ask for three or more years' professional experience to maximise the impact on the charity and to make sure volunteers find the experience as rewarding as possible.


Criteria for organisations and opportunities

All the opportunities you will find on the Reach community are also screened to make sure that they are aimed at and require someone with this level of expertise – we do not accept other types of roles.

If we think our service is not right for your needs, we will always try to signpost you to organisations focused on other types of volunteering opportunity.