Our criteria

Our criteria supports our mission to promote trusteeship and skills‑based volunteering.

Reach Volunteering’s focus is on trusteeship and skills-based volunteering – that is, volunteering that requires specific professional skills in areas such as digital, marketing, management, finance, education, HR, mentoring, IT or fundraising, to name a few. 

Criteria for volunteers

We ask that our volunteers:

Find out more about how we review volunteers. 

Criteria for organisations

Reach Volunteering is a charity supporting charities and other similar organisations. To join your organisation must be: 

  • Able to demonstrate public benefit
  • Based in the United Kingdom.

We have detailed criteria for the different types of organisation we work with. Find out more about how we review organisations.

Criteria for opportunities

We only accept opportunities that:

  • require three or more years professional experience in one of our skills areas
  • are unpaid 
  • are based in the UK
  • are not overly burdensome on the volunteer, these would include roles that don't require the volunteer to undertake more than 15 hours a week (unless it is a short term role) or to line manage paid employees.

We can also accept opportunities specifically for trustees with lived experience of your cause, either with or without specified professional skills  

Find out more about how we review opportunities.

Our guide to recruiting a volunteer with skills has a specific section on designing your role for success that can help you define and write your opportunity. We also have a number of project templates to help get you started.

Are we not the right fit?

If your experience, organisation or opportunity doesn’t meet our criteria for skills-based volunteering, why not visit the gov.uk's page on volunteering which lists several avenues for finding volunteers and volunteering opportunities across the UK.


How to recruit volunteers with skills

Whether you're new to recruiting volunteers with skills, or want to make sure you're making a good start with your latest role, here are some tips and steps to help.

Our skills

We currently accept opportunities and volunteers with skills in these areas.