Our community agreement

When people volunteer their expertise, amazing things can happen. Organisations gain skills and new perspectives, and volunteers get the opportunity to make a difference, and to learn and grow themselves.

To ensure that everybody has a positive experience, we ask all users to agree to the following and to our Acceptable Use Policy:

  • Value each other’s time – Time is precious for our volunteers and organisations. Please respect this and make the most of each other’s time. 
  • Communicate – Some people will be volunteering or recruiting volunteers for their first time. Please make their experience a good one by being courteous, clear and prompt when communicating with anyone in our community.
  • Respect each other’s skills and expertise – Our volunteers bring new ways of doing things, and our organisations have deep expertise about their area of work. Be open to learning from one another for maximum mutual benefit.
  • Explore – Unlike a paid role, volunteering can be flexible. Spend time finding out about each other, discussing options and deciding whether you are a good match. Both parties should be clear about their requirements and what they can offer. Remember, it’s fine if you decide not to go ahead, just let the other party know.
  • Be inclusive – Foster an approach that recognises and promotes equity, diversity and inclusivity. Great things can happen when diverse groups of people come together. Think about how your recruitment and volunteering can make this happen. Value difference, recognise and seek to address potential barriers and be open to learning.