Our community agreement

We ask that every volunteer or contact recruiting for a charity or non-profit reads and signs this community agreement. By registering, you are joining a community who agree to:

  • Only use this site for voluntary activity – not as a way of finding paid work or employees.
  • Engage with each other in a spirit of exploration – A placement works well if it’s a good fit for everyone and you can only find this out by discussion. An application for a role does not imply commitment, and it’s always OK for any party to decide not to proceed.
  • Reply quickly and politely, and do not leave people unclear about your intentions. Charities must acknowledge all applications within five working days.
  • Carry out any necessary background checks – Charities: you are responsible for taking up references for volunteers. Volunteers: feel free to ask searching questions!
  • Be prepared to follow through – if you are posting an opportunity, you must be able to support the volunteers that you take on, including offering to pay volunteer expenses. Volunteers: be realistic about what you can offer, especially concerning time.
  • Update your information Charities: please keep us informed at each stage of the application process, or if your role has changed. Please also provide feedback to us when we ask you. Volunteers: update your status if you are no longer available.