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Understand the benefits of volunteering for you and your staff, and how we can help. 

We connect people to make change. We inspire, support and connect civil society organisations and volunteers to work together, sharing skills and expertise to create a better society. 

Through our online platform, people can volunteer to share their professional skills with good causes, while charities and not-for-profits can find volunteers and trustees with the expertise to help them thrive. Find out more about how it works

Why skills-based volunteering? 

Skills-based volunteering and trustee roles are amazing opportunities for personal and professional development. These roles can support your teams to develop and expand their expertise in new contexts, broadening their perspectives and developing entirely new skills that can be brought back into the workplace. 

By offering volunteering opportunities with a high social impact, you can give staff a way to connect with causes that they care about, and demonstrate your commitment to corporate responsibility goals, whilst developing your workforce. 

We’re always keen to talk to people who are looking for ways to engage with volunteering. If you are looking for opportunities for your teams to offer their skills, we would love to hear from you.  

How we can help 

Below are some of the ways that we can help. Costs will vary depending on your requirements so please get in touch to discuss options:                                  

Speaker/webinar slots   

We will deliver a presentation to your team introducing them to trusteeship and/ or skills-based volunteering, and the benefits of volunteering. We can introduce your teams to the Reach site and get them started on their journey to finding the ideal volunteering role. 

The cost includes a pre-meeting so that we can understand your needs and identify any specific messages or focus points that you’d like us to incorporate. 

You can invite as many colleagues as you like and record the session to share afterwards. 


Intended for smaller groups, workshops can introduce your teams to trusteeship or skills-based volunteering and explore some of the ways in which their skills could add value to charities. 

We’ll work with your colleagues to consider their own skills and experience, explore what roles might suit them, and look at how they could make them work practically. 

The workshop will include an introduction to Reach’s site so that your team leaves ready to find their ideal volunteering role. 

The cost includes a pre-meeting so that we can understand your needs and identify any specific messages or focus points that you’d like us to incorporate. 


If your teams are already interested in volunteering, a bespoke feed of volunteering and/or trustee roles streamed directly to your internal websites can provide easy access to a range of opportunities that would make good use of their skills and experience.

We have over 2,500 roles covering an array of skills from HR to finance, to IT and GDPR. You can stream them all or we can adapt what you see to match your requirements. Employees will be taken directly to the Reach site where they will be able to apply for roles that interest them. 

We can provide you with regular engagement statistics including how many employees have registered with Reach, the number of roles applied for and details of placements. 

Advertise your team 

Are you looking for something that your team can work on together? We can help you work out what you’d like to do and share your offer with the many social purpose organisations that use our services. Organisations can then get in touch with you directly to apply for your services. 

The cost includes a meeting with you and your team to scope out what you would like to offer and the organisations you’d like to target, with the option of additional support such as more bespoke advertising and brokering of relationships. 

Board placement service 

Trusteeship is an important and rewarding role that is vital to the strategic leadership and sustainability of charities of all shapes and sizes. As well as providing an essential function for charities, trusteeship is an incredible opportunity to practise and expand strategic leadership skills and experience.  

Our expert team will support your staff to find rewarding trustee roles. We tailor our service to meet your requirements, but a typical programme includes: 

  • An introductory workshop on becoming a trustee to inform and inspire staff. 
  • Individual interviews to explore employees' interests and expertise, and to agree action plans. 
  • Structured support to help each employee secure a trustee role.  

Corporate partnership 

We believe that we achieve more together and love to partner with organisations who share our vision of a fairer, sustainable society. There are lots of ways we can work together including: 

Employee supported volunteering programme

We can help you build an employee supported volunteering programme that enables your teams to share their amazing expertise with social purpose organisations who will truly benefit from it, whilst gaining experience and developing their skills.  

Volunteering is a powerful way of providing hands-on skills development. Aspiring leaders can develop knowledge and understanding of leadership, management and strategic development, or existing leaders can develop their existing skills even further by applying them in new contexts. 

Volunteering can also be a great way of equipping your staff with the ability to adapt in the workplace, improving your organisation’s capacity to meet the demands of a changing society. 

We’d love to talk to you about how we could help your teams take advantage of all that skills-based volunteering has to offer. We can tailor our services to meet your needs with options ranging from light touch to whole team guidance to individualised support from our expert team. 

Costs will vary depending on your requirements - please get in touch to discuss options.

Sponsor or support us with developing aspects of our service

We are constantly developing our offer, and there are always lots of ways you could make a lasting impact on our organisation. For example, we are developing a project library to help small, non-profit organisations to recruit for skilled volunteers – you could sponsor a section or get your teams involved in developing content for it. Or, why not sponsor a webinar? You could help us to encourage even more people to come together to create a fairer and more sustainable future through volunteering and raise your profile at the same time. 

Costs are either on a minimum fundraising commitment basis or as a fixed fee. 

What we can’t do 

We cannot guarantee placements. Ultimately, it is up to organisations to appoint the person they feel will best help them. We can offer you lots of support, but the final decision always lies with the recruiting organisation. 

Who we work with 

We believe that we achieve more together and want to partner with others who share our vision of a fairer, sustainable society, and align with our values. Sometimes this means we are unable to work with organisations that run counter to these values, for example, those that facilitate the use of fossil fuels. Our Ethics Policy guides our decision-making when considering new partnerships. 


These will vary depending on your requirements and can be agreed either as a fixed fee, a donation or on a minimum fundraising commitment basis. Please get in touch to discuss to discuss options.


Contact Holly Meacham, Head of Service and Operations, to discuss your requirements: holly.meacham@reachvolunteering.org.uk  

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