Transition Exmouth

Transition Exmouth

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  • Animals / wildlife
  • Climate action
  • Environment
  • Local / community
  • Voluntary sector support

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Small or unincorporated organisation
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Although this organisation has been in existence for some time we are currently going through a period of reflection and development. 

We have been successful in help local people set up and fund projects and initiatives which conserve the environment, help people protect the planet and increase awareness about Climate Change. One of our most recent successes has in lobbying our local council to recruit a Climate Officer, who is now developing projects in the community. 

The organisation was set up to support people living in Exmouth in Devon. And the charitable purpose of the new CIO will be:

  1. The promotion and enabling of awareness, understanding and action on climate change and sustainable development for the public benefit of the citizens and communities of Exmouth and its environs by:
  2.  Advancing education and raising awareness of climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable development, resource scarcity/resilience and regenerative practices;
  3.  Conserving, protecting and improving the natural environment - including appropriate enhancements to built and social environments to facilitate this;
  4.  Encouraging and facilitating the prudent use of natural resources to reduce waste and increase resource resilience;
  5.  Promoting, encouraging and enabling individual, community and organisational commitment to sustainable and regenerative practices, such as (but not limited to) reduction in CO2 emissions; energy and water saving; reducing reliance upon carbon emitting energy sources; reusing, recycling and reducing;
  6.  Considering and applying the Sustainable Development Goals (‘SDGs’) where relevant to Exmouth communities, such as in the relief of poverty or enhancement of social inclusion, where they connect to local sustainable development and environmental benefit.


As we are ourselves in a transitionary phase we are at the very beginning of developing ideas for activities which help us meet our charitable purpose. 

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