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The View CiC

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  • Criminal justice
  • Environment
  • Human rights
  • Mental health
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Women

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Social enterprise
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National - Britain


The View campaigns for better outcomes for women with convictions and all women involved with the justice system to be treated with integrity and dignity; for their rights to be observed and for their roles as women, mothers, carers, daughters and sisters to be regarded. We want women with convictions to be offered solutions in the community to help them deal with the reasons why they committed a crime such as economic deprivation, financial exclusion in society as an alternative to incarceration, and also for imprisoned women to be given appropriate mental support.

The View Magazine is a Community Interest Company (CiC) active in criminal justice reform. We believe that women in prison and serving their license in the community must be heard and that the issues that affect them need to be highlighted. We know that change can only come from within, by women who have been affected by that system and who know first hand where transformation can take place.


We publish a quarterly magazine which highlights the art, poems and her-stories of the stories of women in the justice system, whether as women who have been victims of crime or women who have committed crimes.

We use art and words, all forms of creativity to break down the silos that exist to exclude and criminalise or victimise women. We offer a platform where women can take back their own narrative and reclaim their stories.

We believe in the power of art and creativity for transformative change, even redemption, and we campaign to raise awareness of women's rights and for a better, woman centered, gendered approach to justice putting women at the heart of their rehabilitation journeys.

We campaign using visuals and words to create hard hitting messages, viral campaigns and where we feel we can make a difference, we will bring strategic litigation to make a difference in the way women are treated.

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London (North), N1 9DX

The View Magazine is a feminist  social enterprise platform that advocates for women in the justice system. Reshaping the narrative through ...