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Gateshead People is a self advocacy group run by and for people with learning disabilities. We are not a registered charity but we have our own constitution and management committee made up of people with learning disabilities. Our aim is to empower people with learning disabilities in Gateshead to speak up about the issues that affect their day to day lives, to challenge discrimination, to raise awareness of the learning disabled community and the issues it faces and to address the barriers that exclude people with learning disabilities from being included in the communities they live in.


  • Run weekly speaking up meetings for our group members to help them members understand their rights, understand what is happening in Gateshead for people with learning disabilities and have their say about what is important to them
  • Set up working groups to undertake specific pieces of work such as campaigning, consultation work, making information more accessible so that our members are actively involved in making a difference in their communities
  • Design and deliver training for people with learning disabilities to give them the skills to speak up for themselves and make changes in their own lives.
  • Design and deliver training for professionals and students around what people with learning disabilities want and need.
  • Campaign around learning disability issues.  (Including the effects of government cuts on people with learning disabilities in Gateshead)
  • Develop innovative and creative ways of helping people with a variety of different support needs to speak up about what is important to them. 
  • Share these views with professionals, commissioners etc.
  • Represent the learning disabled community at partnerships and forums.

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