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Our vision is for ancient trees, their wildlife, and their heritage and cultural values to be safeguarded now and in the future. Our aims are:

  • To champion ancient trees and their wildlife, heritage and cultural values, and guarantee their future with a robust system of protection
  • To secure and expand future generations of ancient trees
  • To develop and share knowledge and experience of ancient trees and awaken people of all ages to their beauty and value


The Ancient Tree Forum raises awareness of the value of old trees, lobbies for their protection, provides advice on their management, trains those who look after them, and provides opportunities for people to enjoy them. Our activities include:

  • Running field field events in the Spring and Autumn and a two-day summer conference
  • Providing advice and guidance on the management of ancient and other veteran trees through our website and various publications
  • Running training for those who care for and own veteran trees
  • Monitoring and commenting on legislation, policies, advice and actions relating to veteran trees, by the UK government, devolved authorities, local government and non-governmental organisations
  • Working in partnership with other conservation organisations to survey and record ancient trees

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