The Alasdair Gray Archive

The Alasdair Gray Archive

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Organisation type: 
Small or unincorporated organisation
Geographical remit: 
National - Scotland



We create opportunities with others to learn about themselves, to creatively explore their biographies, be inspired by what they have found and to share their story.



By making Alasdair Gray’s life and work accessible to everyone we:

Create new educational opportunities to engage with his work

Enable people to access and unlock new ways to express themselves and share their identity

Benefit the public by sharing the visual and literary arts

Shape our national identity by deepening our understanding of the life and work of Alasdair Gray



We use the values by which Alasdair lived his life in everything we do. We do this in a reflective, embedded and open way, shape outcomes together and learn from each other.



EQUITY: Everyone has the right to access culture and express themselves creatively

SHARING: Our strength comes from sharing and shaping our stories together and learning from others.

OPENNESS: Trust and openness are fundamental to building ethical relationships



Supporting growth of individuals leading to new modes of working and cultural change

People feel valued and able to share their stories and to express their unique identities

Wider opportunities for learners and creative practitioners enabling greater economic security

New communities are able to come together, grow and thrive

Contributing to the diversity of Glasgow’s rich cultural landscape

Making a positive contribution to a key area of environmental and creative regeneration on Glasgow’s waterways

Increasing the international recognition of Alasdair Gray‘s life & works, and access for all to his legacy

Modelling Alasdair Gray’s values and enhancing The Alasdair Gray Archive’s reputation as a cultural organisation


Accessible archive

Open to the public with in-person tours supported by digital tours and online content. Build on the collection cataloguing plan, leading to wider access and long-term sustainability supported by The National Archives/Archives Revealed Scoping Grant Assessment and detailed delivery plan.

Public programme

Continue to develop partnerships for commissions by and from the Archive. Make a positive contribution to Glasgow’s regeneration through supporting new public commissions such as the recent partnership at Garscube Links with Scottish Canals. Seek new ways to engage audiences through participation in city-wide initiatives such as Doors Open Day and Glasgow International.

Education & Outreach

Develop partnership working within education and outreach. Create links with Alasdair’s childhood area of Riddrie. Build on the educational material created so far (Wee Gray Activities) through testing out ways of working, shaping and improving them through delivery to generate further projects and resources.

Digital development

Develop online content that celebrates diverse user needs and offers a unique digital experience. A partnership with world leader ISO Design will reflect the range and playfulness of Alasdair’s work whilst staying true to our organisational values. Capture the oral testimonies surrounding Alasdair and his work, bringing this objects and works to life through storytelling.

Learner experience

Deliver a unique online and in-person learning experience that caters for a range of needs utilising our organisational values of equity, openness and sharing. Reflect, shape and develop future work through rigorous evaluation and feedback.

Research outcomes

Create partnerships in formal education sector offering professional and economic opportunities. Share information and support with a range of stakeholders leading to new modes of learning and knowledge exchange.

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