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Digital projects can seem daunting to anyone especially if you don’t have specialist skills in-house. Recruiting a volunteer with digital skills or a few volunteers with complementary skills can help your organisation create impactful digital solutions to deliver your services, fundraising or communications online. 

User researcher (short term project)
User research helps organisations learn about their users so that they can create and iterate services, including digital products such as a website, to meet those needs.
Web development support (project)
A Web developer can support your organisation by making improvements to the technical aspects of your website.
Google Adwords expert (ongoing)
This expert will help your charity set up (or overhaul) and maintain your Google Ads (previously AdWords) account, and implement high quality campaigns to deliver traffic to your website.
SEO audit (short term project)
SEO (Search engine optimisation) is crucial if you want to improve (or even just maintain) your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.
Moving your service(s) online (project)
Many charities are embracing digital services as a way to streamline their offer, and meet the evolving needs of their users

Advice from an expert

This micro-consultancy consists of 1 to 3 phone calls with a volunteer specialist. Customise this project template to recruit an expert in a skill area you want to explore and they can talk through your challenge, and help get you to the next step.

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Explore the hundreds of volunteers with Digital volunteering projects skills who are looking for opportunities to help charities like yours.

PPC Specialist passionate about making a difference.
My software development background and diverse experiences have equipped me with valuable…
Now retired, I have extensive experience in IT / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery for…
I am a frontend developer who recently moved to London. I am interested in giving back to…
I am a dedicated and motivated individual with a strong background in computer science. Currently…
I have a number of years experience in SEO, in digital marketing team. I have worked company…
With demonstrable Salesforce Development experience gained through creating customer-focused…
I have been working as a Web Developer for 5 years, certified as a Salesforce Administrator…
Around two years ago, my company adopted Salesforce and hired a consulting firm to establish…
Hands on experience of most popular web programming languages, market leading databases and…
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Suzanne has enabled us to launch a power Bi platform to profile our data and impact. She supported the staff, offered training and helped us through the process. Her expertise has been invaluable. We are a small charity with limited capacity in this area, so her knowledge and insight has been fantastic.
Partnership for Young London

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