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Flamingo Chicks CIC is an inclusive community that gives children with disabilities (and illnesses such as cancer) the opportunity to enjoy ballet alongside their friends.  Our goal is to change attitudes on disability and show people what our children CAN do.

Flamingo Chicks provides inclusive dance classes where all children can explore and enjoy movement regardless of ability. At the same time, we provide a vital peer-to-peer support network for parents and carers.  Flamingo Chicks is so much more than just a ballet school. It's breaking boundaries; it's a growing movement of people changing the way society treats disabled children.

We’ve found that all too often disabled children are either excluded or segregated from social activities. Through our network of committed multi-generational volunteers, Flamingo Chicks ensures all children are welcome and have fun, whilst providing a strong and supportive environment for the whole family. 100% of parents and carers would recommend Flamingo Chicks to others and say classes improve their child’s social development, confidence and wellbeing.

In just over three years we have grown to see 2000 children coming through our classes each year as well as having an impact on the global community.  Flamingo Chicks children have performed and made speeches at high profile events such as at Downing Street and the United Nations in New York.  We’ve also extended our reach overseas - including to Ghana and refugee camps in Athens.


Flamingo Chicks exists to create a world where every child with a disability enjoys their right to access services and opportunities to realise their full potential. We do so by championing disabled children’s rights to participate in dance alongside their peers, showcasing what disabled children can do and the value of disabled and non-disabled children working together. Keeping the voices of disabled children at the heart of our work, we are a growing movement who want to see change in society for disabled people and how they are treated.  Our work is based around 6 key areas:

  1. Inclusive dance school for children: We bring together disabled children and their peers to enjoy ballet, improve physical wellbeing and develop key skills, such as confidence and self-esteem. 
  2. Peer to peer support community: We provide opportunities for parents and carers of disabled children to connect with each other and give them a rare chance for respite while their children dance.
  3. Intergenerational volunteer programme: We provide outstanding experiences for volunteers of all ages to lead our work. We have a strong team of over 350 loyal and committed volunteers aged 16-84.
  4. Showcase for change: We demonstrate what disabled children can do and the value of disabled and non-disabled children participating in the same activities. In 2016 over 3,000 people attended our performances.
  5. Agents of Change: our school council campaign to break down barriers to an inclusive society empowers participants to speak up and educate others. In 2016, 7 of our Flamingo Chicks made a speech to delegates from 100 countries at the United Nations Headquarters in New York about human rights for disabled children. We also invite our Agents for Change to various settings (e.g. play groups, hospitals, public transport) to ask for their input on improving these environments for children with disabilities.
  6. Work Experience: Work experience is hard to come by for young people with disabilities. We therefore launched our own programme for older Flamingo Chicks, improving their employment prospects, promoting independent living, fostering confidence and boosting self-belief. 

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