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Society, cooperative or credit union
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The Eco Centre’s mission is to empower people to live and work more sustainably. Our aim is to inform, inspire and enable people, their communities, and the organisations they work for to take action on climate change and protecting the environment.

We focus on the practical actions people and organisations can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be more sustainable. We do this through community outreach; public and cross-sector events, and our plan for a regional sustainability hub.

The hub (Eco Centre) will be a centre of excellence for the South West, but with national significance. It will provide the platform for:

  • Engaging - informing and inspiring people about sustainable living, technology and products – for business and at home.
  • Facilitating and nurturing cross-sector collaboration to help drive sustainable innovation.
  • Enabling – promoting and supporting people to live and work sustainably by helping to develop local schemes - through community engagement and collective action.


Our current priority is the Climate Action Plan (CAP). An innovative outreach project to help people save carbon and live more sustainably by:

  • Helping people to reduce their household carbon footprint, live more sustainably and save money by helping them to draw up a tailored action plan, and signpost, or refer on to further sources of support.
  • Promoting the development of collective schemes and a community action plan that will further support and enhance this - anything from a street composting scheme, swapshop, or grow your own scheme to community energy or an EV car share club, for example.

This is a pilot project and part of the aim is to develop tools and templates that will enable this approach to be used by others across the country, and potentially online. The current pilots are in the Somerset area.

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