Supporting Healthcare Heroes UK

Supporting Healthcare Heroes UK

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  • Health and well being / research and care

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Organisation type: 
Small or unincorporated organisation
Geographical remit: 
National - Britain


Objects of charity

  1. To prevent and alleviate poverty and financial hardship for healthcare workers across the UK who developed Long Covid during the course of their professional duties, whether or not they are still employed, by providing financial grants, assistance and support to individuals and/or other organisations and charities with similar aims.
  2. Raising awareness of Long Covid, its treatment, recovery and rehabilitation among health policymakers, healthcare providers and healthcare workers. 
  3. Advocating for and making known to healthcare providers, health policymakers and other relevant policy makers the views and lived experience of healthcare workers affected by Long Covid.
  4. Supporting or carrying out research into the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Long Covid, and publishing the useful results of such research.

Definition: ‘Long Covid’ means post-acute covid-19 syndrome, where symptoms and/or long-term complications occur beyond four weeks from initial infection or symptom onset to include any post viral illness with a suspected or evidenced link to Covid-19.


Once we have charitable status we plan to:

  1. offer financial support to healthcare workers suffering from Long Covid who are in need,
  2. offer advice and learning to healthcare workers with Long Covid who need assistance in returning to work, or who need to exit their employment in the most beneficial way.
  3. provide advice and training to managers and policymakers on how best to include strategies to allow long covid sufferers in the workplace to adjust their hours or their role.
  4. provide education in the form of publications and online seminars for healthcare workers living with Long Covid, managers and policymakers on what to expect from the condition, and how best to cope with it.
  5. raise awareness and support research into the causes, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Long Covid, sharing such research with UK strategic decision-makers so that they can be best informed on how to support those living with Long Covid.

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