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We are based in North London and are made up of people who think that there is something lacking from current narratives surrounding the climate crisis and society’s approach to tackling it. While the government and big business can and should have a major role in fighting climate change, ordinary people want and should play an equally important part – and this isn’t being afforded to them in a meaningful way.

Reducing CO2 emissions is something everybody can do, but too many people don’t, for many varied reasons. It needs to be easy and obvious how you can reduce you carbon footprint on a daily basis. To make it easier, people need access to the numbers. Just as following a diet to lose weight requires information about the number of calories in the food they eat, people trying to reduce their carbon footprint need information about the CO2 emissions of all the products and services they buy or use.

We plan to bring people together in groups to tackle their carbon footprints, encouraging and informing each other, helped at every step along the way with advice on products and services, and aided by tools that we build together. In return we gain useful feedback on how our programme can evolve to improve the group’s efforts.

Alongside this, we produce the latest info via the website and social media channels to keep people bang up-to-date on climate change, climate action, sustainability and the latest news, and we work with academics and other NGOs to advance climate action into the realm of carbon budgets, for instance personal carbon trading, a carbon currency or carbon quotas.


We provide information and education on climate change, global warming, carbon footprints, the energy transition, and everything to do with the uncertainty surrounding our future.

We bring people together online via our forum and in real life to take action against global warming, and we support them with education on what choices to make, with technology to record their impact and with data we and the group assemble on the carbon footprint of everything they buy or use. We collaborate to find out carbon footprint data where it's missing, which mad as it seems, is most places!

We aim to attract local businesses and councils to collaborate as well.

This is a huge endeavour and we are right at the start. Please join us - your contributions at this point could be vital.

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London (North), N4 3LG

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London (North), N4 3LG

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