Wiltshire Citizens Advice

Wiltshire Citizens Advice

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Campaigning
  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Counselling / advice
  • Criminal justice
  • Financial inclusion
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human rights
  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Social care

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Wiltshire Citizens Advice is an independent charity and the leading organisation in Wiltshire providing free, confidential advice to anyone that needs it. Through our 65 staff and 120 active volunteers, we offer advice on benefits, debt, housing, employment and other issues across Wiltshire.

Last year, we helped 15,858 people and dealt with 38,898 new issues for these people. 4 in 5 clients we support, say that Wiltshire Citizens Advice helped change their lives.

An external Treasury approved model has enabled us to evidence the value we create through our advice provision and from working with volunteers. We estimate that the value to our clients through income gained in benefits, debts written off and consumer problems resolved derived a benefit to individuals of £13.11 for every £ invested and had a total value in 2015/16 of £19.8m.

We also calculate that is 2015-16, every £ invested in Wiltshire Citizens Advice delivered a return of £1.82 in fiscal benefit for the Government and taxpayer. In addition, the return on investment in terms of the public value of wider economic and social benefits was £9.94 per £ invested.

Wiltshire Citizens Advice is proud to deliver benefit for clients, their families and to make a broader contribution to society.   


We offer advice on benefits, debt, housing and employment through face to face contact with clients, our telephone advice line, email and web chat. In a variety of locations across Wiltshire. 

Earlier this year, as a Board, we agreed an ambitious three year strategic plan. By 2019 we want Wiltshire Citizens Advice to be an organisation that is;

  1. Providing an accessible, multichannel advice service based on client preference


By March 2019 we expect to be:

  • Offering a telephone, email and web chat advice service available Monday-Friday between the hours of 08.00 – 20.00
  • Offering offices open to the public between the hours of 09.00-17.00 Monday – Friday in Salisbury, Chippenham & Trowbridge
  • Continuing to offer web based resources 24 hours per day linked to the national citizen advice online resource
  • Offering booked face to face services at other locations across Wiltshire for those in need of most support
  • Achieving 90% of clients’ advice needs being met at the first point of contact
  • Achieving client satisfaction scores averaging 95% 
  • Answering 95% of all telephone calls to the ‘Adviceline’
  • In the upper quartile of performance of all Citizens Advice organisations nationally


  1. Campaigning on the big issues and using our influence to prevent problems


By March 2019, we expect we will be;

  • Achieving maximum scores on the research & campaigning self assessment
  • Regarded by Citizens Advice and our external partners, as playing a major role in contributing to national and local research projects and campaigns
  • Leading at least one national campaign across the Country


  1. Working in effective partnerships and providing the tools, skills and confidence to empower people and build resilient communities


By March 2019, we expect we will have;

  • Effective ongoing strategic partnerships with a range of authorities, charities, community groups and businesses which support our vision
  • Identified and implemented ways in which we can work collaboratively to deliver services to our clients
  • A range of tools and expertise which build confidence and support and encourage self help


  1. Have the right resources in the right place


By March 2019, we expect we will have;

  • secured the co-location of main services into available partner’s premises linked to a centralised telephone and support service
  • Secured a new core contract with Wiltshire Council and spread our financing risk across a wider range of trading activity
  • Optimised the use of technology in the support and delivery of services by 2019
  • Achieved an appropriate balance of volunteer and paid staff to effectively deliver our services
  • Moved to a position where 80% of staff and volunteers recommend WCA as a ‘good place to work’

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