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The SDF works to improve the environmental and sustainability performance of the UK's built environment, in terms of climate change, resource use and neighbourhood improvement, in order to improve the health of people, property and the planet.




We engage with leading-edge practitioners to demonstrate that it is possible to adopt an approach that is radically different from current practices, creating beacons to encourage change amongst mainstream industry. We promote knowledge, research and practices that will support a long-term sustainable future for all through a range of policy and learning activities such as conferences, guides and training.

Buildings in use account for almost 50% of all UK CO2 emissions, and the construction sector uses over 400 Million tonnes of materials per year, whilst the buildings and places created will affect people's lifestyles and behaviours for decades or even centuries. Moving to a more sustainable approach is therefore critical to help avoid further climate change, reduce material extraction and improve people's health & well-being.


The SDF has three main aims/ activities:

1. Future Visions - developing ideas about what would constitute a sustainable built environment in the future

2. Grand Challenges - developing collaborative approaches to address issues requiring significant cultural or industry change (see or as examples of collaborative groups we have helped establish)

3. Exemplar projects - Supporting and encouraging the creation or regeneration of exemplary sustainable buildings and neighbourhoods

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