Stele Direct Relief Care Trust

Stele Direct Relief Care Trust

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Stele Direct Relief Care Trust  is a global charity organisation that provides essential equipment supplies to communities, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, and other healthcare facilities around the world. The trust offers support in the form of hospital beds, wheelchairs, hoists, observation equipment, and more. The trust also offers support to crisis situations, such as countries with high unemployment, high rates of poverty, high rates of conflicts. The trust can also support individuals with disabilities, diagnosis of chronic diseases or illnesses both within the United kingdom and internationally. The Trust assistance reaches those in need regardless of location, ensuring that individuals and institutions in any part of the world can benefit from their valuable aid. Through their dedication efforts, Stele Direct Relief Care Trust positively impacts the lives of countless individuals and healthcare organisations, fulfilling their mission of providing critical support to those who require it most. 


Stele Direct Relief Care Trust takes several measures to meet its objectives and fulfill its purpose of providing support for the healthcare sector and individuals struggling with clinical equipment. These measures include: 

Equipment Provision: The trust actively works to procure and distribute clinical equipment to healthcare facilities and individuals in need. This involves identifying the specific needs of healthcare providers and individuals, souring the required equipment, and ensuring its timely delivery.

Fundraising: Stele Direct Relief care engages in fundraising activities to gather financial resources necessary for its operations. These funds are utilized to purchase medical equipment, cover logistical expenses, and support ingoing initiatives. 

Partnerships: The trust establishes collaborations and partnerships with various stakeholders, including healthcare organizations, equipment manufactures, and philanthropic entities. These partnerships help in accessing a wider range of resources, expertise, and  networks to maximize the impact of their efforts. 

Needs Assessment: Stele Direct Relief Care conducts comprehensive needs assessments to identify areas of critical need in the healthcare sector. This involves consulting with healthcare professionals, conducting surveys, and analysing data to determine the specific equipment and resources required. 

Capacity Building: The trust also focuses on capacity building initiatives to enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare workers. This may involve organizing training programs, workshops, and educational campaigns to ensure healthcare professionals can effectively utilize the provided equipment and resources. 

Advocacy and Awareness: Stele Direct Relief Care engages in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the importance of healthcare equipment and the challenges faced by healthcare facilities and individuals. By highlighting these issues, the trust aims to garner support, encourage policy changes, and promote a greater understanding of the healthcare sector's needs. 

By implementing these measures, Stele Direct Relief Care strives to meet its objectives and make a meaningful impact by providing essential clinical equipment and support to the healthcare sector and individuals in need. 

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