The Spiritual Arts Foundation

The Spiritual Arts Foundation

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Not for profit
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National - Britain


The Spiritual Arts Foundation is a unique UK arts organisation dedicated to promoting the spiritual exploration of artistic expression. We believe in the transformative power of spirituality and the arts to inspire individuals and communities. Our organisation has over 90 professional creative members, including artists, authors, composers, singer-songwriters, filmmakers, and producers, 1200+ members within our ‘Spiritual Creatives’ social network and a rapidly expanding volunteer management team of more than 40 writers, marketers, art historians, social media and digital marketing experts.



Our core vision primarily focuses on organising Spiritual Arts activities, including events, courses, workshops and exhibitions with the primary goal of stimulating the creativity of others. To this end our goals are

  • to stimulate the growth of a ‘Spiritual Arts’ movement in the UK.
  • to inspire people to express their own creativity in new and innovative ways.
  • to stage social gatherings, events, exhibitions, and other significant “happenings”.
  • to encourage creative collaborations and innovation within the arts.
  • to provide a sense of belonging to artists who have worked in isolation for many years.


Our vision and values are closely aligned in that we believe

  • that all people have a creative side they can express.
  • that creativity should be nurtured and encouraged, no matter what the ability.
  • that the appreciation of Spiritual Art should be an inspiring and joyous experience.
  • that the practice of collaboration can bring greater joy and satisfaction in life.
  • that religious diversity and inclusion brings a greater appreciation of the arts.

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