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South West London Environment Work (SWLEN) is a charity dedicated to helping people and organisations protect and enhance the environment. We work in the London Boroughs of Richmond upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames, Hounslow and Ealing.


That South West London’s residents and communities work together to protect and enhance our environment.


SWLEN exists to build active and engaged communities in South West London who protect and enhance our environment.


  • Local empowerment – we passionately believe the best way to protect and enhance the environment is through empowering local people to take an interest, become involved and to take action themselves.
  • Collaboration and partnership – we know that by working together we achieve more, and in sharing best practices we are strong together. This approach brings wider benefits to the community, charitable organisations and local authorities.
  • Protecting and enhancing our environment – we exist to ensure South West London maintains a thriving and sustainable environment.


SWLEN’s work spans three distinct areas:

  • Parks and open spaces – supporting local initiatives to protect and enhance local green spaces.
  • Species and habitat protection – facilitating the preservation of local biodiversity, and promoting the conservation and improvement of the natural environment.
  • Sustainability and community development projects – encouraging and educating local people and organisations to think and act sustainability, including raising awareness of the benefits of recycling and waste reduction, composting, food growing, water conservation, and air quality.
  • Saving energy - by visiting homes, schools and community buildings to conduct a free environmental audit. This includes reviewing the building's construction, heating systems, insulation, lighting, water and behaviours by the occupiers. We install energy saving equipment, produce a report of recommendations and work with the occupiers to carry them out. We save the average home £60 / year in energy costs and much more for a school.

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