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Demilitarise Education

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Demilitarise Education (dED_UCATION/dED) is a community and guide for modern day peacemakers, working to see universities break from the global arms trade and become champions for peace. dED works with university student communities and volunteers harnessing community action, research, and media to untangle, expose and end UK University partnerships with the military and defence sector.

Our community works for the values of peace, justice and equality, and by the values of respect, innovation and fierce realness. This means providing accessible information and opportunities to join through our Discord community server, workshops, support sessions and resources.

We are helping students across the UK to understand just how involved our universities are connected with the arms trade and how to use this data to pressure their university to demilitarise.


Demilitarise Education exists to make sure our education is used to advance peace, not war. It does this through three core strategic pillars: community, research and media.


dED have created the world’s first university and arms database, which has so far uncovered £1.3BN+ worth of funds transferred between the military and defence sector and UK Universities. We connect individual students and groups, and other community members in order to strengthen campus campaigns and the national movement. We do this through our database, which also tracks actions working against arms partnerships on campuses across the UK and the university's response to those actions, resources and events.


dED has been leading workshops online and on campus teaching students how to research their universities’ partnerships with the military and defence sector and upload their findings to the database, leveraging this evidence for campaigning and ethical policy reform.


We also use media to educate, motivate and connect.  This empowers individuals through research-driven content that makes issues surrounding the role of the global arms trade in universities more accessible and understood.


Here at dED, we are working to build the most extensive database on university partnership with the global arms trade and build a movement of creative activism to break these ties. The database means that we can track all research and all actions taken to demilitarise a university so not just other students from that university can see this data, but can be viewed on a national scale. This means we can benchmark universities and have an overall better understanding of how bad the problem is and what works for change.

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