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chinadialogue has a nine-year track record of disseminating high-quality information and promoting communication on environment and climate change in both Chinese and English. We provide a space for open discussion, with the aim of informing and educating international and Chinese readers, and contributing to building equitable and constructive solutions to global environmental problems. We believe that this requires a common purpose across political, ideological and cultural boundaries. We foster that common purpose by providing our readers with independent and accurate information that may otherwise be difficult to access, and by facilitating tolerant and constructive dialogue. As China’s economy and influence has grown, and the impacts of China’s model of development have been felt around the world, chinadialogue’s mission has become ever more important.


chinadialogue researches, writes, commissions, edits and publishes bilingual news reports and analysis of environmental affairs to stimulate the exchange of information and ideas, both among Chinese and between Chinese and non-Chinese readers on multiple platforms. chinadialogue’s primary vehicle is the website,, a unique bilingual platform for high-quality content that includes extended reports, policy briefs, essays, blog posts and book reviews on the environment and climate change.

chinadialogue is trusted for the independence, reliability and even-handedness it brings to reporting subjects that may be considered contentious. Our focus on the environment allows us to bring a unique perspective to understanding China that, in turn, has enabled us to build influence with and through other media, as well as with our primary readers. chinadialogue makes the work of Chinese writers, policy makers, academics, journalists and civil society actors directly available to international readers and serves its Chinese readers by publishing the work of their international counterparts in Chinese.

In addition to our website, chinadialogue publishes a bimonthly journal that is distributed to Chinese policy makers, local and regional officials and political and business leaders, and we host the annual China Environmental Press Awards to recognise and honour the work of China’s best environmental journalists. Our awards are highly valued for their integrity and encourage and support the increasing professionalism of Chinese environmental journalism.

chinadialogue also manages its sister projects:, and

All publish under Creative Commons licences and translate and syndicate in local media.

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