Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (The AIRE Centre)

Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (The AIRE Centre)

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  • Criminal justice
  • Human rights

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Geographical remit: 


  1. To promote the benefit of the public the sound administration of the law among states which have ratified the European Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedom (“the European convention”) and / or the treaties establishing and regulating the European Union (“the EU treaties”) in particular but without limitation) by providing specialist legal advice and representation to people who are unable to obtain legal representation with their own resources, in cases where it is apprehended that the law of any such state is in breach of its obligations under the European Convention or the EU treaties.


  1. To relieve poverty by providing legal representation and / or advice to persons who are unable to obtain legal representation with their own resources.


  1. To advance the education and training of the public (and particularly but without limitation the judiciary and members of the legal profession) in international and human rights law having regard in particular (but without limitation) to the European Convention and the EU treaties.


We defend migrants’ rights by providing free legal advice and representation and supporting practitioners and decision makers at every level, to apply European law fairly and correctly.

We do this by:


  • Giving free legal advice to people in need and their representatives, as well as representing them in tribunals and courts


  • Where we see there are larger problems that impact groups of people, we undertake strategic litigation, either by representing client ourselves, or as third-party interveners in the higher domestic courts, the European Court of Human Rights or the Court of Justice of the European Union


  • Training lawyers, judges and voluntary-sector organisations to better understand EU law and the European Convention on Human Rights


  • Advocating policy at all levels by speaking at conferences, publishing reports and engaging with the media to influence those who make decisions to pay attention to the problems impacting victims of human rights violations

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