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Understand the benefits of skills-based volunteering for you and your staff, and how we can help. 

Giving your staff the opportunity to volunteer for good causes is a great way of enabling them to develop new skills and to put your values into practice. Staff have the chance to widen their understanding and leverage their expertise for causes that matter to them, while you achieve social impact goals. 

Skills-based volunteering is good for business!

When staff take on trustee or skills-based volunteering roles, they are improving their personal and professional development. They are using their expertise in new contexts, broadening their perspective and developing entirely new skills such as leadership, effective decision-making, influencing and negotiating. This rich, experiential learning is then brought back into your workplace. 

Skills-based volunteering can also help to attract and retain staff as people are often keen to work at an ethical company with a commitment to social good. You can differentiate your company in the eyes of new recruits, and boost employee engagement, by putting your values into action. By offering volunteering opportunities with a high social impact, you can give staff a way to connect with causes that they care about, and demonstrate your commitment to corporate responsibility goals.

How we can help

We design our service according to your business needs but possible options include the following:

Board placement (Professional development for current/aspiring leaders)

We will support your staff to find rewarding trustee roles. We tailor our service to meet your requirements but a typical programme includes:

  • an introductory workshop on becoming a trustee to inform and inspire staff.
  • individual interviews to explore employees' interests and expertise, and to agree action plans.
  • structured support to help each employee secure a trustee role.

Corporate membership (Diverse opportunities for employees to volunteer their talents)

We can offer an unparalleled range of volunteering opportunities to your staff, to match their interests, skills and location. We can stream opportunities to your website or provide an agreed sign-up route, and track and report on engagement. We also offer a range of approaches to engage staff, from webinars on topics such as how to become a trustee to marketing material.

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