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  • Legal
  • Project management
  • Research
  • Advice / advocacy
  • Mentoring / coaching
  • Training


Based in South East Wales
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home, mainly at the office, or will consider remote opportunities from across the UK.


Mostly outside office hours

I would be available for approximately half a day a week, preferably in the evening or on a weekend but occasionally during working hours.


  • Any

Type of role

Ongoing role, Short term project, Trustee/Governor

About me

I am a very experienced Land Registry senior lawyer and manager, with strong analytical skills and considerable compliance and regulation experience. I work in a very structured and organised way. I am thorough, reliable and pay great attention to detail. I have always worked as part of a team and for the last 20 years have successfully managed various teams. I am often commended for my “people skills.”

I deal with a broad range of legal tasks and functions.  I provide strategic direction and operational leadership as well as supporting my local leadership team and the Head of Local Lawyers to meet the aims and objectives of the Land Registry. This includes working with senior legal colleagues to develop and deliver the Legal Directorate’s Annual Business Plan, ensuring that the needs of Land Registry staff, stakeholders and customers are met effectively.

I provide Land Registry’s final decision on appeals against land registration decisions, and the final response for complaints against Land Registry about the way it has dealt with an application for registration or in respect of allegations of maladministration. I have dealt with over 200 final reviews and / or complaints in the last four years. I consider all the information received in connection with the relevant application or complaint, the basis on which the decision was made, and the way the application has been handled. This entails analysing a lot of information and considering whether the requirements of the Land Registration Act 2002 and Land Registration Rules 2003 have been satisfied. I then write a detailed response to the appeal and / or complaint.

I take technical legal referrals from lawyers on any point of land registration law, practice and procedure. I have become adept at quickly assimilating the facts of complex cases, and identifying the key issues, knowing when to ask for clarification and further information where appropriate. I explain the reasoning behind my decision to put it in context and also to develop the lawyer concerned. The solutions are often not clear cut, so I balance the risks involved and make a pragmatic risk-based decision. I do not simply agree with the line already taken. As a result of the way I deal with referrals from lawyers, I manage a very effective team of lawyers who process casework knowledgeably and efficiently thus ensuring that complex casework is not delayed.

One of the projects I have been involved with was the transfer of a group of caseworkers from the Operations Directorate to the Legal Directorate. I helped to calculate resource requirements and led negotiations with the Operations Directorate to determine staffing levels. I created new line management structures and drafted new job descriptions and oversaw all aspects of recruitment and selection for the newly created manager posts.

I also managed and co-ordinated a multi-disciplinary project to change the process for managing disputed applications at the Land Registry. This involved analysing existing processes in consultation with all stakeholders before re-designing the process, re-drafting and updating all related documentation, communicating with internal and external stakeholders. I successfully completed the project on time and the new process delivered a 50% reduction in time spent by Land Registry lawyers working on disputed applications.



What am I looking for

I am interested in becoming a Trustee or Board Member but also volunteering in any role that would allow me to apply the experience, skills and knowledge that I have acquired during my career to good effect in a different context.