At a glance


  • Bookkeeping
  • General management


Based in Suffolk
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home


Either in or out of office hours

I am medically retired so I am very flexible due  to hours depending on volunteer position.


  • Any

Type of role

Ongoing role, Trustee/Governor

About me

I am now in my 50's and was medically retired back in 2014. Previous to that my positions in employment were managerial and covered various industries, giving me a wide range of knowledge. From working in Insurance, IT, fitness industry accounts and hospitality Industry.

Over the last 5 years I have volunteered for 2 large organisations the first as an admin officer for the Army Cadets for 2years and more frequently as a branch  coordinator for another charity.

I live at home with my husband and little dog, but after working full time I find that I need something else in my life to forfill it.

I am very dedicated to my positions I have held and will go above and beyond to make sure everything runs to it's full .

I am highly organised and transparent in what I do.



What am I looking for

I am looking for a role that any of my previous voluntarily or employed positions could be put to use to help a charity or organisation.

Whether it be a coordinator, book keeping. IT etc I would just bevhapoy with a position I know I could make a difference.

I would prefer a home based role rather than travelling all the time.