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Based in Loughborough, Leicestershire
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home, or mainly at the office.


Either in or out of office hours


  • Any

Type of role

Ongoing role, Short term project, Trustee/Governor

Work history

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About me

i have dealt with the best and worst people can do but always been more concerned as to why they do it. I have had some influence at work at senior level to create change but have yet to see a business really engage and care about it's people. the more started to understand people the easier I found it to engage with them and by looking beyond a problem they had or faced I could help them look at the maybe why they had arrived at the point they found themselves and how they might be able to help themselves. In work this was often seen as "management speak" to get people operating at their best and yes it was but at the best in every aspect not just work. when I finished full time work and started volunteering as a driver I met so many people who had become isolated and this has highlighted the need for us all to have and maintain some degree of social interaction. I moved to volunteer with a community hall that feeds and helps the homeless and also offer basic counselling and support to groups and their people that use the centre, I am currently seeking a supervised placement for my counselling studies but somewhere where I can establish a long term relationship and commitment to

What am I looking for

I am currently seeking a supervised counseling placement and am happy tp pay towards the cost of supervision