At a glance


  • Digital strategy
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Advertising
  • Lecturing / public speaking
  • Marketing strategy
  • Public relations
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Change management


Based in London (South)
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home, mainly at the office, or will consider remote opportunities from across the UK.


Either in or out of office hours

I'm very flexible and can work during work hours or outside of them. I am very happy to travel to attend meetings.


  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Education
  • Faith and ethics
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Local / community
  • Poverty relief
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Social care
  • Sports
  • Women
  • Young people

Type of role


About me

As an experienced marketing, communications and business development professional in the corporate world there are a vast number of skills that would benefit the right charity.

I have experience of creating and implementing strategic business development and marketing plans designed to drive brand awareness and financial growth, whilst retaining a strong culture and positive employee engagment. I would be well suited to a charity that is trying to grow their profile, develop their brand and increase fundraising.

I currently lead a team of ten, a team that I have built from scratch, so the ability to provide strategic direction and clear leadership is also a skill that could benefit the right charity.

Beyond my coporate experience I have been working with chlidrens charity SHS for the past two years. Supporting them in developing a new offer and creating a marketing and communications strategy to bring this offer to the marketplace. My work with them has given me a real insight into the role and committment of a trustee and has really been the motivation behind my search for a new role.  

Beyond all the corporate skills, my drive and committment is second to none and would arguably be the most valuable assett I would bring to the table.


  • To broaden awareness of the charity’s values and priorities; and increase its visibility across a wider audience

business dvelopment, pr, mareting, innovation and leadership, passion

What am I looking for

I'm looking for a role where I can really help to drive the strategic direction of the organisation. I'm used to working in fast-growth businesses and helping them to develop strategies to drive growth, I'd love to be part of a charity that has ambitious goals and is looking for passionate individuals to help them reach those goals. It's also improtant to me that I would also want to spend some time getting a real sense of what the day-to-day of the chairty is like, to ensure I'm too far removed from the day-to-day work the charity are doing.