judithe best

judithe best

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  • Mentoring / coaching
  • Teaching / education


Based in Staffordshire
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at the office


Mostly during office hours

Negotiable during normal working hours


  • Any

Type of role

Ongoing role

About me

Some twenty years experience in industrial recruitment and training during 1970's,80's.Subsequently circa twenty years  high school mod lang teaching. Have recruited for Support Staffordshire until recently and as part of that role was seconded to Newcastle under Lyme  Job Centre until DOE ceased to recognise volunteering as a valuable way  into work and Supp Staffs withdrew its presence.This was a weekly voluntary commitment lasting some four years. I also currently sit on the Keele University Medical School Admissions Committee and have a student interviewing role for the School.

I enjoy interviewing and mentoring applicants for both bespoke roles and for general preparation for employment. 

I am familiar with preparing job/personnel specifications.

I am very happy to provide further information at your request and more than prepared to meet for interview should you feel my background is relevant to your organisation.

What am I looking for

I am interested particularly in the vacancy advertised on Linked in for support  with the Shaw Trust.