At a glance


  • Database / CRM development
  • Digital and IT strategy
  • Project management / Product owner
  • Software and web development
  • Web design (including UX/UI)


Based in Derby, Derbyshire
Will consider remote opportunities from across the UK


Either in or out of office hours


  • Any

Type of role

Short term project, Ongoing role, Trustee/Governor

Work history

About me

I am a dedicated and motivated individual with a strong background in computer science. Currently in my third year of studies, I have been actively engaged in honing my skills and knowledge within the field. Alongside my academic pursuits, I have taken on the role of a freelance web developer, where I've had the opportunity to apply my theoretical understanding to real-world projects.

My work experience has showcased my diligence and commitment as a hard worker. I approach tasks with a detail-oriented mindset and a strong sense of responsibility. Whether it's tackling complex coding challenges or collaborating with clients to bring their web development visions to life, I consistently strive for excellence in my work.

Through my combination of academic progress, freelance ventures, and unwavering work ethic, I am building a foundation that prepares me for a successful and impactful career in the realm of computer science and web development.

What am I looking for

Web design