At a glance


  • Digital and IT strategy
  • Project management / Product owner
  • Software and web development
  • Change management
  • Management consultancy
  • Project / programme management
  • Data analysis
  • Research (qualitative / quantitative)
  • Teaching / Education
  • Training


Based in Liverpool, Merseyside
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home, or will consider remote opportunities from across the UK.


Either in or out of office hours


  • Any

Type of role

Short term project, Trustee/Governor

Work history

About me

With over two decades of experience in the banking and finance sector, I bring to the table a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic insight. My career journey, transitioning from aircraft design and naval architecture to spearheading complex projects in the financial markets, has sharpened my skills in software development, data analysis, and project management. As a seasoned professional evolving from an analyst/developer to a business analyst and project manager, I have retained a hands-on approach to technology, coupled with strong management and change leadership abilities. My progression in this field has been fuelled by a deep interest and understanding in emerging technologies such as DeFi, AI, and Data Sciences, areas where I see significant potential for innovation and transformation.

What am I looking for

I am actively seeking opportunities to apply my skills in environments where technology, particularly AI and Data Science, is a driving force for change. I aim to contribute to projects that leverage software development for meaningful impact, through direct project management, guiding teams as a product owner, or engaging in hands-on coding. My focus is on initiatives requiring a strategic approach to digital and IT challenges, where my experience in managing change and driving project success can be maximized.