David Sowerbutts

David Sowerbutts

At a glance


  • General management
  • Project management
  • Change management
  • Management consultancy
  • Strategic development and planning


Based in Herefordshire and Worcestershire
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home, or mainly at the office.


Either in or out of office hours

Available one part day per week during office hours or evenings.


  • Animals / wildlife
  • Arts
  • Counselling / advice
  • Environment
  • Local / community
  • Museums / heritage
  • Training / employment support

Type of role


About me

My background is in working in Logistics and Food Manufacturing at board level in a number of different organisations with different cultures and demands for almost 40 years. I have brought about change and lead teams of people forward to reach both short term and long term strategic goals. Being able to get the best out of people through mentoring, coaching and training has been invaluable. I have developed my organisational skills over many years and I am told that I remain calm, focused and determined when under pressurised situations. I feel at home both in hands on situations and also using my insight and ability to analyse situations to achieve success. Having held several directorships, I am experienced in setting and achieving strategies to meet my organisations goals. 

Currently I am not working full time so am able to take up trustee roles. I believe my management skills, knowledge and experience can be of great use to charitable organisations. I would receive great satisfaction from being able to utilise them. I have been treasurer and trustee to my local village hall for the last three and half years and would like to extend my charitable work further.

What am I looking for

I am looking for an opportunity where I can use my strategic, organisational and management skills to bear along with my persoanl drive and energy where they could add value to the wider community.