At a glance


  • Governance
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Change management
  • General / operations management
  • Management consultancy
  • Project / programme management
  • Volunteer management
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Social care / Counselling
  • Training


Based in Dronfield, Derbyshire
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at home, mainly at the office, or will consider remote opportunities from across the UK.


Either in or out of office hours


  • Any

Type of role

Short term project, Ongoing role, Trustee/Governor

Work history

About me

I have extensive experience over a 30-year career of working within the 3rd sector environment for several different company structures and organisational sizes, including having set up and run some in various roles as a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee. My real interest lies in the strategic movements and processes of a Company when it is aimed high and for the benefit of many.

When working in smaller organisations, I have experienced and helped work through the inter-personal dynamics that arise between individuals with different views working towards the same objectives. When working in larger organisations I have worked to energise and shift the cultural elements that empower and focus people towards shared goals.

I am an idealist with strong principles and a capacity to identify the limits within structures that are inefficient or dis-empowering and I have the tenacity, experience, gentleness and vision to quietly show my harmlessness, lack of agenda and genuine interest in promoting positive and life affirming values for people to work within and empower others to also experience. I am not interested in personal promotion, but genuinely wanting to help a collective work to expand the human potential.

What am I looking for

Working with an organisation that holds the importance of people at its centre, that is authentic and prepared to stand up with its values. A place to assert my capacity to challenge and meet difficulties with love and care and guidance, allowing the process of changing people by getting them to understand their purpose and choices that better themselves. 

I hope that you have gained a sense of what I might bring to your organisation. I will want a regular connection ideally to be most effective. If these conditions suit your needs, then you should seriously consider a conversation.