At a glance


  • Event management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales
  • Strategic development and planning


Based in Isle of Dogs, London (Central)
I would prefer to volunteer will consider remote opportunities from across the UK, or mainly at home.


Mostly outside office hours


  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Education
  • Faith and ethics
  • Human rights
  • Women
  • Young people

Type of role


About me

I am a confident, award-winning sales and marketing leader with international experience and proven success in developing strategies, empowering teams, forging solid stakeholder relationships and driving revenue. Enterprising at heart, I am a dependable team player recognised for my optimism, strategic thinking, empathetic approach and colourful ideas. I am fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin. I love music (play the trombone and the piano), dancing (Argentine tango is my passion) and travelling (have done solo travels in more than 10 countries). 

As an ethnic minority at work and in the UK, I'm passionate about diversity and inclusion and I often engage in activities to advocate the importance of diversity of backgrounds and thinking. 

I’m a strong believer of life-long learning. I want to continue on my journey to challenge and improve myself. I want to keep growing – not only professionally, but as a person. I want to be a great leader through lifting other people up. 

And I want to become a role model, especially for young females who are unsure of how they find a voice, and ethnic minorities trying to find their feet. 

What am I looking for

I have a passion for diversity and inclusion as well as gender equality. I previously published dissertations on justifying female education as the best way to reduce global poverty; as well as on female empowerment. Empowering myself and other women has been something that is truly close to my heart, and I'd like to dedicate myself in opportunities that will help people thrive. I could leverage my financial background, my networks, my strategic thinking as well as my marketing skills to help drive change.