At a glance


  • Accountancy
  • Advertising
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business advice / analysis
  • Change management
  • Management consultancy
  • Strategic development and planning


Based in London (North)
I would prefer to volunteer mainly at the office, or will consider remote opportunities from across the UK.


Either in or out of office hours

I am a dedicated individuals who believe in providing assistance to those who need the most therefore, I am available any time.


  • Counselling / advice
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Women

Type of role

Ongoing role, Short term project, Trustee/Governor

About me

I am writing to express my interest in your company which your humanitarian assistance and history of service has impressed me therefore, once again I would like to be part of this global organisation to deliver my services. I have extensive experience in different fields in INGOs in a volatile country such as Afghanistan.

I have worked with the ICRC, UN & European Union funded organisation which are neural, impartial and humanitarian organisations which engage in war tone countries for 7 years in Afghanistan. During my tenure I also have worked in management, supervisory, liaison operations officer positions etc.

Looking at the background and humanitarian history of your organisation, operation and activity it really has admired & impressed me so much,such as your” supporting humanitarian projects in a conflict and fragile countries around the globe. My job role with EMC, (ATC) Afghan Technical Consultants Funded by European Union and UN has been in similar industry which encountered with the same challenges. My main responsibilities were”

”Maintaining strong communication skills and ability to accompany changes and making sure to track record of organisational planning skills.

”Providing guidance and directions to sub-ordinates to improve and enhance the quality of the assignments given according to the code of the conduct and target of the company.

“Planning, providing briefings for UN, European and Local authorities providing technical advice.

“Coordinating with UNOCHA Mine Action Program to achieve the common goal, liaising with UNOCHA, NGOs &local authorities and bridging with them to inform them of our operations and activities.

“Assessing demining teams, monitoring and deploying them on the duties which had the first priority such as” (school, hospitals etc.) to be cleared of mines etc.

“Discussing with the authorities about teams’and projects’activities and operation and their safety in the region

“Implementing SOP, preparing, assessing weekly progress reportsand completion reports and submitting them to the related departments UNOCHA & ATC Headquarters.

“Providing necessary training, establishing their weaknesses and give them instructions.

“Developing strategic approaches to the local and promoting our brand and importance of our activity and operation.

I have strong knowledge of management backed by experience that I have gained in the past ten years. In my previous position I managed over nine teams, I not only met expectations but exceeded them over target given. There is more depth on my experience and skills in my CV which I would appreciate you look over it.I am certain that my experience and skills set would make me a great candidate for this position as well as great asset to your company. I am excited about the chance to join your company since there is a great fit between your need to generate interest in education and my track record of success.

I know recruiting can be stressful time and I really hope this is going well for you and I hope this piece of recruitment is going as well as you hope.

Yours Sincerely,


What am I looking for

- Management




-Business Consultancy