Volunteering to make an environmental and social impact

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Tarek Hasan, Chair of Trustees at The Movements Trust, on volunteering and enacting change in an ever-growing climate emergency.


At a time where I was transitioning careers, looking for work, and the UK was in lockdown, I was craving a sense of engagement and purpose. Volunteering was a core part of my adult life and I was seeking a way to contribute, especially with an environmental and social impact lens. 

I was grateful to discover Reach Volunteering, which was able to connect me with a number of fantastic organisations that were in need of motivated people to help push their organisations forward. 

Through Reach Volunteering, my CV was seen by an amazing person who had an idea to create a charity that financially supported environmental and social movements. 6 months later The Movements Trust was born and we've grown from strength to strength.

The work we are doing at The Movements Trust plays a critical part in empowering movements to enact change in an ever-growing climate emergency. As the Head of ESG at an investment bank, my day-to-day role is focused on engaging and incentivising clients to become more environmentally and social conscious in their operations as everyone has a role to play. However, volunteering at The Movements Trust has given me a tangible appreciation of how to take climate and social action

Volunteering at The Movements Trust has genuinely been one of the pleasures of my adult life, from the skills I have learnt to the positive societal impact we aspire to make. We have work to do in the climate arena and need people's help to enable a better future for all.