Volunteering for the common good

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Ealing Common Society was looking for a volunteer to help them maintain and update their website, they were delighted they found Kerry Gaffney.

The Ealing Common Society works to improve and protect one of Ealing's oldest, most visible and appreciated green spaces. The Society organises activities, carries out projects and raises awareness about the Common and acts to protect and develop the Common’s facilities and fabric. Having a good presence online and promoting its work is clearly all important.

"Kerry has been very patient in helping with our sadly inadequate digital knowledge and skills, and we have felt comfortable enough to ask her rather basic questions,” explains joint chair of the Society Julie Winstock.

A highly knowledgeable social media strategist and digital creative, Kerry is “passionate about helping others develop their skills”.  With degrees in both Arts and Sciences she was able to support the Society using her wide experience in PR, training, team development and, leadership and mentoring. 

Generosity with expertise

The Society is really pleased with the help Kerry has given them. “We couldn’t have managed without her," says Julie. "She has made such a difference: in fact she has been marvellous, so generous with her time and expertise. She has been, and is, a great volunteer for our community organisation. We are so lucky to have Kerry on board.”

Fellow joint chair, Karen Staartjes adds: “Kerry has been a fantastic help in updating and improving our Ealing Common Society website. We were thrilled she chose to assist us. Her work has been invaluable. It is such a relief to find someone we could contact and who would tells us in such a clear way what needed to be altered and how.”

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