Values and the Volunteer Handbook and policies

A pen next to a Volunteer Handbook

Join our next Community of Practice to get advice on applying values in your organisation's work. 

Get peer support and advice on your Volunteer Handbook and policies at our Community of Practice, a virtual group that meets on a monthly basis to focus on topics based around values and volunteer engagement. 

Our next session on the volunteer handbook and policies will be on 14 June at 9.00am - 10.00am. You are welcome to bring examples of your organisation’s handbook or policies to share with the group and get advice if needed. 

Our Community of Practice has been running since March and was created following the success of Common Cause Foundation's Values and Volunteering workshop, and our #ChangeTheStory campaign.

This is a supportive and friendly group where people can share their experiences, challenges or pieces of work. Previous discussions have included the practical application of values in volunteering engagement, volunteer recruitment campaigns (including live examples from charities) and approaches to Volunteers’ Week. Ruth Taylor from the Common Cause Foundation is on hand to offer her expertise. 

If you recruit or manage volunteers, and are interested in joining us, please watch the recording of the 'Volunteering Values and Valuing Volunteers' workshop then sign up to join our community of practice.

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