Using words to Shade the UK

Volunteer Shreya Kapur

Shreya Kapur tells us how volunteers help raise awareness about overheating and its harmful impact on humans. 


Shade the UK is a non-profit organisation aiming to adapt the built environment and public spaces to protect vulnerable populations against increased temperatures due to climate change. Our focus is on the impact of overheating and prolonged hot weather within care homes, schools, social housing, and homeless shelters, and hospitals where people are most vulnerable to the effects of increased temperatures.

Our long-term goal is to fully adapt the UK to withstand the pressures of future temperature increases so that there are zero deaths from overheating and the health and wellbeing of the vulnerable is safeguarded during heatwaves. We aim to achieve this by creating a knowledge hub for resources and support, funding sustainable retrofit projects, and ensuring effective policy change to protect the most vulnerable.

Helping to raise awareness 

Volunteer writers help us to address the lack of awareness about overheating and its harmful impact on humans (especially the vulnerable) in the UK, and the solutions out there to combat this. Using their passion about tackling climate change, they create articles for our Info Hub, a platform on our website where we share insightful articles, press releases and blogs on the impact and solutions of overheating on the vulnerable. Through their articles, our volunteers help increase awareness so that more people in the UK have the knowledge and tools to deal with heatwaves, and protect themselves and others.

We are currently a small team of volunteers who would love to write impactful articles on climate change and overheating. However, it takes a lot of resources to plan, research, and draft a piece. Reach Volunteering enabled us to find a number of enthusiastic and talented writers who come from a range of backgrounds, to provide their unique perspective on the climate crisis and build up our knowledge base. 

We now have a wonderful writing team of eight volunteers who create pieces for the Info Hub. They are so proactive and come up with interesting article ideas without us even providing prompts. We are now looking for social media support and a Fundraising Officer. Writers who are interested in sharing their work on our platform and building our knowledge base are also always welcome! 

There are an increasing number of climate organisations due to the rapid rate that our climate is changing. The climate crisis is affecting everyone in lots of different ways so there are a variety of areas you can get involved in. It can initially feel overwhelming trying to decide where you can help and what will make the greatest impact. However, a useful starting point is to identify the area that you find the most interesting. This could be mitigation, adaptation, emergency services or technology. Then, you just need to get started!