From an unfinished website to a thriving community site

Sketches of web pages

When the pandemic put a halt on plans for their new website, Pannal Village Hall turned to a volunteer for some much needed support. 

Pannal Village Hall was built in 1888 and is a volunteer-run venue at the heart of the Pannal community. We are probably one of the most used village halls in Yorkshire. We rely on a committee of volunteers to function including the completion of a 10-year modernisation project of our 140-year-old building.

We needed a volunteer to help us with our outdated website. We obtained funding from the Home Office for a team of their graduates to produce a new website. Unfortunately, COVID meant they couldn’t finish the project in the allocated time and we were left with an unfinished site, written in a code which we were unfamiliar with. Luckily, we found our volunteer Emily. Although she was living 200 miles away, she managed to finish the website, which we were able to launch last month. 

Thanks to our website, our community is now able to get a much better idea of the many events that we have to offer. The site, which is still evolving, is essential and is used to contact us for most of our bookings. Emily continues to help us keep the website up-to-date and is a valued, albeit remote, member of our team. We are so grateful for the amount of time that she has freely given us. We would definitely consider bringing in a volunteer again and would 100% recommend Reach. If you’re thinking about getting a volunteer, do what we did and reach out to Reach!