Earth Heroes creating lasting change

Earth Hero logo and image of their app

Thanks to volunteers, Earth Hero has been able to help people achieve over half a million climate actions. Volunteer Ben Gerhold tells us more. 

Earth Hero believes that a billion compassionate activists can restore a healthy earth where life can thrive, so we are motivated to inspire people and their communities to join the global climate movement.

Our team is focused on providing tools and ideas that empower all who want to reduce emissions and care for our shared planet. We help people to respond to the climate emergency effectively.

The free Earth Hero app has 100,000+ users who have completed over half a million actions to address climate change, build more resilient communities, and improve lives. The app clears the path for people and targets efforts on the most impactful actions that drive lasting change.

Speeding up progress

Earth Hero is an all-volunteer team, so volunteers are naturally what make the organisation succeed and move forward. They have been a huge help across a wide range of tasks, including researching and writing curated climate action content to inspire people, designing new features for the Earth Hero app, and coding updates so that great ideas can be shared widely through our tech platform.

Without our volunteers, we simply would not be able to properly function or make the great progress we have to address climate change. Volunteers move us forward, making things happen that would otherwise never get done. Thanks to our volunteers, Earth Hero has been able to help people achieve over half a million climate actions (and growing). This is helping our society transition away from the burning of oil, petrol and natural gas (the main cause of climate pollution) at a faster pace. It also helps people lead better lives. 

Because we are an all-volunteer organisation, we are always looking for people to share some of their valuable time and experience to help us go faster to address the climate emergency. Reach is an amazing place to find people that care about addressing climate change and want to be a part of the solution. It is incredible that so many people willingly give their precious time to address climate change. Lots of people are waking up to the problem and asking, “what can I do?”. It's heart-warming to see the multitude of individuals seeking ways to use their knowledge and skills to create a better world.

Making time to be an Earth hero

If you are thinking about volunteering, the biggest consideration is if you can make the time for it. It can be challenging for new volunteers to create the habit of setting aside time to do volunteer work regularly. Speaking as a volunteer myself, my Earth Hero time is when my young kids are at school and on weekend mornings. My brain knows it’s Earth Hero time and kicks into action!

Volunteering your time is a great way to find deeper meaning in your life, build on your experience, and meet other amazing people joining together to address one of the biggest challenges of our generation.