Big Synergy, Big Impact

Planet Earth in space

CBS share how volunteers with the right mix of talent and experience took their impact to the next level. 


Centre for Big Synergy (CBS) is a civil society organisation of the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs. We are a not-for-profit global facilitator tasked to create a more responsible future for all. Through our projects, since 2018, we have touched over nine million lives in over 120 countries and donated over £1m worth of time and expertise.  

Our projects and initiatives are wide-ranging; from setting up neighbourhood kitchens for homeless people; combating plastic pollution; encouraging societies to avoid risk factors for life-threatening diseases – to organising film festivals which help educate millions across the globe about the crises our planet faces.

The search for the right kind of volunteer

We were seeking volunteers for several of our projects, to help assist and lead initiatives, particularly in communications, editing, content creation, video editing and social media management. We were having difficulties reaching out to a pool of diligent and experienced volunteers. It made perfect sense to choose Reach as they had the right kind of volunteers who would be really committed to an important cause such as ours.

The volunteers we found through Reach have proven to be professional and effective. As a facilitator, our impact is in successfully facilitating projects through to completion and our volunteers have helped us to do exactly that. They have improved the efficiency of the management and operations teams many fold. They have used their experience and have contributed to strategy and creativity to add more value to our impact. They have also helped projects to maintain their continuity and prolong the educational impact more efficiently than before. 

Volunteers making an impact

Our volunteers have had a major impact. They have shown exemplary dedication to our cause and meticulous ways of working. With their help, CBS' advocacy for the Global Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals that are an urgent call to action by all countries in a global partnership) has reached many more millions across the world than it otherwise would have had without them.

I would recommend Reach unreservedly. Its platform is superb and it has highly skilled volunteers. If your organisation needs experienced hands and heads, please do not dwell on it for too long. Reach already has the right mix of talent and experience amongst its volunteers to take your efficiency to the next level. That will be reflected in your organisation's impact.