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A volunteer with Research or analysis skills can give you the data and insight you need to deliver successful projects and programmes. For example, you can recruit a volunteer Researcher to give a firm grounding to your policy work. An Impact Manager can review the impact of your programmes and identify opportunities for growth and improvement. A User Researcher can give you a deeper understanding of the people that use your services so that as you evolve and improve your service, you can do it with your users’ needs in mind.

Advice from an expert

This micro-consultancy consists of 1 to 3 phone calls with a volunteer specialist. Customise this project template to recruit an expert in a skill area you want to explore and they can talk through your challenge, and help get you to the next step.

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Explore the hundreds of volunteers with Research and analysis volunteering projects skills who are looking for opportunities to help charities like yours.

Lee Cheng is a researcher, digital artist and software developer. His research and artistic…
A seasoned Mechanical Project Engineer with a flare for Data Analysis and with a knowledge…
Looking to help out! Can help automate things
Thomas Ramsay
I currently work as a researcher for small businesses, employing a mix of qualitative and quantitative…
I have a degree in Human Communication Science and a solid understanding of a range of speech…
I am a multi-skilled agriculture specialist with extensive research experience in agriculture…
I am a seasoned social researcher with over two years of valuable experience in the realm…
I have three years of professional research experience form Citizens Advice and Sovereign…
Since I started my career as an anthropology lecturer at Jagannath University in Bangladesh…
I am a highly experienced Analyst with a broad work history that could be utilised in a variety…
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