Google Adwords expert (ongoing)

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What is it?

The Google Ads Grants programme gives charities up to  $10,000 (circa £8,000) of free advertising every month. These “pay-per-click” (PPC) ads serve links to your charity at the top of Google’s search results. The process can be complicated if you aren’t well versed in Google’s Ad tools, so this expert will help your charity set up (or overhaul) and maintain your Google Ads (previously AdWords) account, and implement high quality campaigns to deliver traffic to your website.

What will this person do?

The Adwords expert will review your site’s content and organisation goals. They will set up your Google grant  and Google Ads account and write and maintain a series of campaigns (or adverts) based on your keywords, site content and goals. 

Who needs this?

Anyone who wants to maximise the effectiveness of their Google Adwords grant to increase traffic to their website. 

Who is involved?

The Adwords volunteer should be supported by a member of the digital or marketing teams, or the CEO. The volunteer will need help getting to know your organisation and your goals. They will need access to your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts (if you have these set up) as well as an understanding of your target audience. 

How long will it take?

Initially this will take roughly 15 hours from the volunteer to set up, with the charity needing to help for about 3-5 hours (onboarding the volunteer and helping to draw up keywords and target pages). 

On an ongoing basis, the volunteer will need about 1 hour a week to maintain the account and report back on progress. The charity contact should set aside about 1-2 hours a month to review the monthly report and discuss strategies for improvements with the volunteer.

Where can I find out more?

The Catalyst’s guide Google Ads for charities

CharityDigital’s guide How charities can get free Google advertising through Google Ads Grants

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