Advice from an expert (project)

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What is it?

A micro-consultancy consists of 1 to 3 phone calls with a volunteer specialising in an area you want to know more about. It may be that you are considering a project, and want an idea of what is involved. Perhaps you have a brief, but want to run it by an expert before finalising it. Or perhaps you are at a crucial juncture and want a sounding board before you take the next steps.;

The “Advice from an expert” volunteer project will be bespoke to you and your organisational needs, but could follow this format. 

Brief: You complete a quick form outlining the question you want to ask, and share it with the volunteer.

Discovery: You and the volunteer (the “team” for this project) have a video call to discuss your question and goals in more detail.

Recommendations: If the volunteer isn’t able to answer your question fully on the spot, they will spend an hour or two considering options and report back in a second call.

Follow up call: Some teams decide to have a third, follow-up call after the charity has had time to reflect on the proposal / information provided by the volunteer.

What will this person do?

The volunteer offers advice or ideas tailored just to you and your organisation. 

Who needs this?

Any one who’s not sure of next steps and would like advice from an expert.

Who is involved?

Yourself, the volunteer and any relevant team members, though we suggest no more than 3 in order to keep the meetings focused. 

How long will it take?

1-5 hours, over the course of 1-2 weeks.

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