Get fit for the digital age: recruit a digital trustee

Tim Hellings
Trustee, Enfield Carers
With digital applications becoming increasingly important, we realised that expertise in this field was a gap in our skills as a board.
Julie Harrington
CEO, Guts UK
I know that including crucial digital experience at board level, providing that important balance and diversity of specialisms, puts the other trustees’ minds at rest.
Ellie Hale
Trustee, Quaker Social Action
As a digital trustee, I’m helping the charity respond to times of great change and helping them become more resilient.
West Yorkshire

Since August 2023 I have been Content Manager at Student Minds. In this role I manage the content strategy and websites in order to help students through the use of educational resources, training and awareness to support our...

Greater Manchester

I am a digital leader with experience in digital strategy, marketing, web design, customer experience, and management of digital infrastructure.  

I have been in leadership roles managing teams of up to 14 and marketing...

West Yorkshire

Working daily with companies implementing AI, and having worked closely with NGOs and non-profits, I am extremely excited to find a new charity to work with.

My experience at a glance:

  • 5+ years working for
  • ...

Why recruit a digital trustee

Do I need a digital trustee?

What kind of person do you need and what role would they play? This infographic guides you through the process.

What can digital trustees bring to a charity board?

Quaker Social Action trustee Ellie shares her experience of the impact of a digital trustee.

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How to recruit a digital trustee

Top tips for digital trustee recruitment

How to recruit a digital trustee: tips and guidance

Trustee diversity – what I wanted to say…

Diversity (in all its facets) is a no brainer in terms of charities modelling the equality and inclusion principles that they are seeking to bring about...

Find your perfect digital match

Join a free online matchmaking event that brings together charities and digital professionals. 

Model role description digital trustee

This is a generic description that you can adapt to the needs of your particular board.
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Recruiting and retaining trustees

Every charity can build a strong board if it invests time and effort in recruitment and retention.This guide will take you through the process step by step.

How to complete a skills audit

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