How we review organisations

Reach reviews all organisations, opportunities and volunteers that are posted to our site before publishing them. We do this to ensure that they meet our criteria and acceptable use policy



How do you review organisations?

We check the information in your Reach profile (including links to external sites) to ensure that it is accurate, and that it meets our criteria and acceptable use policy. Most opportunities are free to post, but when there is a charge, this is partly based on your opportunity type and income so we check this information to make sure it’s correct. 

If information is missing or appears to differ from information that is publicly available, we will contact you.

Reach checks: 

  • Registration details referencing relevant bodies such as the Charity Commission, OSCR, or Companies House.
  • Publicly available information on your organisation’s income. For example, information that is held on charities by the Charity Commission.
  • Your organisation’s digital presence including social media.

Reach does not:

  • Quality assess policies or conduct.
  • Assess operational effectiveness. 
  • Undertake rigorous financial reporting assessment.

We encourage our community to report any circumstance of misleading or inaccurate information held in organisation profiles. If we find information to be inaccurate after the initial review process, we may unpublish your organisation’s profile and roles. Read more in our acceptable use policy.

Why do you review organisations?

Reach is funded to support UK based charities and social purpose organisations to find volunteers with skills and trustees. As a small charity, it is important that we use our limited resources to support the organisations that we are funded to help.

To support the success of our service, and ensure that Reach volunteers are clear about the organisations that they can offer their skills to, we review all organisations to ensure they meet our criteria. More on our criteria for organisations.

I am a startup. Can I use Reach’s service?

Unfortunately, no. Our aim is to add capacity and capability to established charities and other not-for-profit organisations. ‘Established’ means that organisations have a team involved, are operational, demonstrating impact, and delivering public benefit. To find out more, please see our criteria

Individuals sometimes approach us with creative proposals and ideas for new services, and we understand that the next step may be finding volunteers and trustees to help. Whilst we cannot support startups in this way, we will suggest other possible services and encourage them to consider our services again further down the line. 

I’m a private limited company. Can I use Reach’s service?

We only accept private limited companies where their registration with Companies House reflects CIC or Limited by Guarantee status.

I’m a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Can I use Reach’s service?

If you are an organisation whose primary purpose is profit making (including LLPs), you can only register to use our service if your registration with Companies House reflects CIC status.

I’m a small, unregistered community group. Can I use Reach’s service?

If you are a small, unregistered community group, you can use our service as long as you can confirm that you meet our criteria. We will need specific information from you including the size of the team involved, how long you have been operational, and what evidence you have of demonstrable public benefit.

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