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Your Sanctuary

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  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence

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Our vision is a world free from Domestic Abuse


We offer sanctuary, support and empowerment to anyone affected by Domestic Abuse and enable children to be seen, heard and validated. We challenge mind sets to change attitudes and facilitate informed choices.


  • To offer protection for survivors and their children
  • To work towards the prevention of Domestic Abuse
  • To provide effective services
  • To undo the harm caused by Domestic Abuse


We work with a trauma-informed, needs led and holistic approach to support survivors of Domestic Abuse and their children. We seek to empower our clients to make informed choices about their lives and if necessary to advocate for them with other agencies, professionals and groups in order that they are treated with respect, dignity and understanding.

As well as our direct client work, we are also committed to improving responses to and understanding of Domestic Abuse in our community, both locally and further afield. We aim to influence legislation, strategies and culture to bring about a more equal society and, to end the devastation that abuse in relationships and families causes to survivors and children.


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